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Electronic music, also known as electro or techno, has been around for a while. It simply refers to music created on a synthesizer or a computer without needing any other instruments. However, electronic music can and does include samples of real instruments mixed together with synthesized beats.

Electronic music is most commonly created on drum machines or synthesizers, using different techniques such as cutting and pitch-shifting to create an inorganic sound. If vocals are used, they would be autotuned or distorted using a vocoder most of the time.

Early electronic music used simple instruments such as the electronic keyboard and wah-wah peddles. These instruments created an artificial sound that made the track seem more modern and futuristic. Later on, as electronic music started becoming more mainstream, artists pushed the genres to new heights, experimenting with different sound machines to create a newer, richer sound.

Today, when people think of electronic music, they tend to think of EDM, electronic dance music. EDM is an exhilarating combination of fast-paced beats and electronic energy combined with dance music at the same time. The result is an energetic, blood-pumping genre of music that causes your heart rate to rise a few notches and compels your feet to move to the beat on the dance floor.

EDM today is a combination of electronic and trance music from the 90s. Trance music does pretty much as the name suggests; it puts the listener in a trance-like state as if they are hypnotized by the music, making them dance. It is the type of music designed to get stuck in your head, using a combination of electronic beats and house melodies to keep clubs full and parties banging.

Some of the most famous artists that have redefined EDM include David Guetta, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, Avicii, and Skrillex. These artists all have very distinct styles, but each encompasses a part of EDM that is an intense and riveting musical experience.

EDM is a genre that is open to experimentation. As a result, many artists have redefined it and made it their own. Daft Punk does this exceptionally well. With their smash hits like “Get Lucky” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” the French duo has achieved phenomenal success across the globe with their electronic music tracks.

Electronic music is different, it’s exciting, and it’s constantly evolving. Its unique sound is designed to make your heart thump and your feet move to the beat!

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