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Chill Out music does pretty much what the name says; it makes you chill out. It’s mellow; it’s sexy yet tranquil and relaxing. It encompasses a variety of smooth musical genres, including down-tempo music, ambient and lounge music, deep house, and electronic music to modern classical and cinematic.

There is no specific place to enjoy chill-out music. You can listen to it as you’re slow-driving in your car or at home relaxing. You can listen to it at chill-out festivals and concerts or at a spa or a bar. You can also go to a chill-out room, where people are just hanging out, vibing, taking the music in.

You can dance to chill-out music, but it’s not dancing music per se. Many chill-out songs have no beats; they are made of adventurous soundscapes explicitly created to take you on a journey through your own mind. Chill-out music can transport you to places, even if it’s in your own mind. It can help you sleep or simply unwind and put you in a relaxed mood.

Many people consider chill-out music to be adult-contemporary or easy-listening, and it is, sometimes. However, it is much more than that. It spans various music genres to form its own unique crossover style, which you can listen to in the form of ambient dub or ambient jazz.

Chill-out music doesn’t really adhere to any specific rules of music. Unlike lounge, which has a particular pattern and rhythm, chill out is freer and gives the artists creating it more liberty to experiment with the bounds of music without being limited to rules and restrictions.

The result? An unforgettable musical experience that is not just a standalone song but an entire trip through a person’s consciousness.

Some of the most popular chill-out artists include Massive Attack, Zero 7, Moby, Bonobo, Boncheebo, and The Orb. Just listening to “Little Fluffy Clouds” by The Orb is enough to take you on a wild ride to the deserts of Arizona, where you’re lying down on the grass and watching the fluffy clouds go by in your mind.

Chill out music is an experience; it makes you ascend to different levels of consciousness and relaxation. So if you’re looking to undergo a true musical journey, give chill-out music a shot.

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